February 28, 2007




Winter 2008 -- that's a long way away. Guess we'll have to be very patient.


Congratulations, Mark.
Best feeling in the world.

Wendy Marin

Congratulations, Mark!! Any chance your book tour will include Nashville?

(former Gary Kobat classmate)


Congrats, Mark! We all knew you had it in ya.

Antoine Wilson

Congrats, Mark. I can't wait to read it!

(BTW, I had the same experience the other day looking at preliminary notes for my book--a shock, really, after the muddle of composition, to see a clear conception there from the start.)



Congratulations, Mark!


Great news, Mark!


Great news, well told! I am looking forward to reading it.

John Shannon

Congratulations, Mark!

Amy MacKinnon

I read this deal on PM and was instantly intrigued. You must be over the moon and beyond. What a wonderful journey for you.


Hey, what great news! I look forward to reading it.


You're getting married? Who knew...

Congrats on both counts.






Whoo! (I just waved my arms around in the air for you)


Congrats again!

Kevin Holtsberry


I know we have had our differences in the past (bit of an understatement) but I wanted to take a moment and congratulate you on the good news. I look forward to reading the book.


Hurrah! The book sounds marvelous.

& how nice it is to get the chance to congratulate a friend who is always first in line to encourage & cheer others on. Great, well-deserved news!

Amy Bridges

I am very happy for you, Mark! It is a well deserved success! Congratulations!

Dan Green

Fantastic news. I look forward to reading it.


Wow. Excellent! And such an inspiration to the rest of us toiling away. Whether it be years or months, it is possible if you keep at it. And, of course, if you're wildly talented, which you are. Cheers!

Steven Augustine

I have to say: that blurb sounds good!


Congratulations. Fantastic.


Now I'm off to look up obsidian, and to introduce your blog to a bevy of Australian librarians tomorrow.
Absolutely fabulous news, Mark.


this is so cool! Congratulations!! I'm buying a copy the instant it comes out.


nice one! come on over to books and books in miami and a cold or hot one is on me my friend and sage.

Jerry Sticker

Sweeeet! can't wait to see the book next year at bookpeople my favorite bookstore in Austin, Texas


I only know you through this blog, but I am thrilled for you.


Hooray! Congrats! Perfect, awesome, wonderful, and well-deserved. Hooray again!


Fantastic news, Mark! I'm looking forward to reading it and selling it. I'd love to know if the book will have Canadian rights, as well.


Mark. I'm so happy for you! Fabulous news. Can't wait to read it.




Hip, hip, hooray! Mark's on his way!


Gratulálok - nagyszerű!


Congratulations, Mark. I'm looking forward to reading it.

You missed a question in your anticipated questions list, though: "Can you introduce me to your agent?" You'll be hearing it a lot. Suggested response: "WTF is wrong with you?"


Well done, Mark, and very best of luck for the future.

Mary Akers

Ooh, wonderful news, Mark! Congratulations!!!

Sean Ferrell

Congrats!! I assume all of your blog readers can anticipate Advance Readers Copies of the novel, with free shipping, of course.


I don't really know you or even the blog that well, but this news made my day. I couldn't be happier for you. This is just so great!

Jody  Tresidder

Brilliant! Hugely look forward to reading it. Please plug nearer pub. date to remind us! Tremendous news.


Both my writing group and creative writing class are thrilled for you. I have introduced both to your wonderful blog.

denise hamilton

Great news. The book sounds wonderful. And getting married too. Congrats. Since good things come in threes, I expect to see you on Oprah soon. But wait, a million copies aside, would that be a good thing?

Celeste Fremon

Really terrific news, Mark. Just saw the post about your sale on LA Observed, so came over here and further enjoyed your interview with...well....yourself on the subject. Congrats!


Hey, that is so wonderful! Bravo!


I'm very proud of you buddy... and you deserve to be very, very proud of yourself. You've hung in there well and truly... distilling and refining your talent all the while.

Now you get to start putting that talent to more frequent, compensated use and I couldn't be happier for your success. You earned it, plain and simple.

I hope you and Kathy have a joyous wedding and a rapturous honeymoon. Revel in this good time, my friend... you did it!


Michelle Huneven

Wonderful news, all of it! I wish you and Mrs. TEV all happiness and success. Can't wait to read Harry, Revised.

Dan Wickett

Hey Mark,

Sorry for the delayed congrats, but thrilled for you on this one!


Martha Southgate

Wow, Mark, Getting married and selling your book in the same week! I hope you've got this in your journal. It doesn't get much better than that. I look forward to reading your work when it comes out. Congrats again.


Wonderful news. Congratulations! Wendi


Congrats Snarv. Bravo!!!

Kit Stolz

Realized I forgot to say congratulations...congratulations. You have a deep love for writing I greatly admire, and I'm curious about your book!

Gayle Brandeis

I'm just catching up on everything after my tour and was so excited to find this news. Congratulations, Mark--I'm thrilled for you (and can't wait to read the book...)



Congratulations, Mark! Super news!

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